Slim Melt

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The only system that can

really “Melt” your fat away

Welcome to the world of health and Slimming at Nida Slim and Laser Institute

The only system that can really “Melt” your fat away. The only laser that can melt you fat to oil within 30mins. No pain, no swelling, no bruising…

One treatment to see the result you wanted. You can have dinner after and go back to work the very next day. Lunch Time SlimLipo:You can exercise after a few days.

Q & A

Q: What is Slim Melt?

A: Slim Melt is the only device that has dual wavelength that will melt your fat and firm you skin at the same time. Unlike any liposuction procedure such as traditional liposuction or other lipolysis lasers can only dissolve the fat but cannot refirm of tighten your loosed skin afterwards. It is normal for our skin to stretch out when we grow bigger, and when the fat is gone, you will see saggy skin on that area. But Slim Melt will do both for you.

Q: Why do you call it “Lunch Time Melt”

A: We call it Lunch Time Melt because you can have your desired body in just 30 minutes to one hour, just like having a lunch outside, or a break from work or school. Slim Melt works fast and effective in melting unwanted fats away. Then you can go back to work with new shape and slim figure.

Q: What is the expected result?

A: The result is very visible. We will take a photo of you before going to have Slim Melt, and take a photo of you again after the procedure. You will see the huge difference with the before and after photo.

Q: Where can I use Slim Melt?

A: Everywhere that has unwanted fat… abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, knee, buttocks, or sensitive area such as chin. *10 years research from Harvard University*

Q: Only female?

A: Both female and male. Anyone that has unwanted fats.

Q: How many sessions needed?

A: Just one time

Q: Is it painful, bruising or swelling?

A: No pain, no bruise and no swelling.

  • You can have dinner immediately after the procedure and go back to work the next day.
  • ou can go exercise a few days after Slim Melt.

Q: What’s the difference of Slim Melt to any other liposuction procedure?

A: Slim Melt “melts” fats and remove higher volume than other lasers. Hard fats can be easily melted and disperse out of the body. It can melt fat and make you slim plus does the firming for you. Two actions in one procedure.

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